Mast Lifts

The robust and compact UL Series push-around mast lifts easily pass through a standard doorway and offer a small outrigger footprint. Our telescopic Girder Lock mast delivers safe and stable working heights of up to 14.1m. Non-marking casters and an easy-loader system for transport come as standard.

The original self-propelled telescopic mast lift remains popular the world over for its versatility and durability. The Snorkel TM12 can be driven through standard doorways and carried in passenger elevators - yet will still lift two people with tools to a safe working height of 5.6 metres.

The new Snorkel TM12E features an electric drive system that delivers longer duty cycles and greater efficiency on the jobsite. The TM16E delivers additional reach, and both lifts are equipped with a roll-out extension deck as standard.

Designed for contractors and facilities maintenance professionals, Snorkel Mast Lifts are lightweight, portable work platforms. Snorkel’s telescopic Girder Lock mast design, utilized in the UL range, delivers superb stability and reach coupled with excellent lift capacity.

Where the convenience of a self-propelled unit is preferred, the Snorkel TM12 provides the ideal telescopic mast lift solution for most applications. The hydraulic drive TM12 can be driven through standard interior doorways and carried in passenger elevators - yet will still lift two people with tools. The TM12 is also now offered as the TM12E and TM16E with electric drive for increased efficiency on the jobsite.

  UL25 UL32 UL40 TM12 TM12E
Max. working weight 9.6m 11.7m 14.1m 5.6m 5.65kg
Platform capacity (SWL) 159kg 136kg 136kg 227kg 227kg
Stowed height 1.99m 2.51m 2.9m 1.62m 1.67m
Overall length 1.26m 1.32m 1.32m 1.34m 1.37m
Overall width 0.74m 0.74m 0.74m 0.76m 0.76m
Gross weight (AC) 390kg 435kg 470kg - -
Gross weight (DC) 420kg  465kg   500kg 830kg  840kg