Electric Slab Scissor Lifts

The Snorkel S3219E is a compact and nimble electric scissor lift with a working height of 7.79m and a lift capacity of 250kg. It can be driven through a standard doorway, and can be used outdoors by one person. Sharing the same features, the smaller Snorkel S3215E delivers a working height of 6.6m, but can lift up to 272kg.

The Snorkel S3220E delivers a working height of up to 8.1m and a platform capacity of 408kg. Featuring a 0.91m roll-out telescopic extension deck and saloon-door style entry gates as standard, the S3220E can climb gradients of 25%. The S3226E utilizes the same chassis as the S3220E, and can lift 250kg to a working height of 9.9m.

Offering the highest lift capacity in the Snorkel electric scissor lift family, the S4726E can lift an impressive 454kg to a working height of 9.9m, making it ideal for slab applications requiring additional capacity. The largest lift in the family, the Snorkel S4732E can lift 318kg to a working height of 11.8m.

Snorkel electric slab scissor lifts are designed to deliver low total ownership costs. Packed with features that benefit both the owner and operator, Snorkel electric scissor lifts are setting a new standard within the industry.

A dual shear scissor stack and upsized pins provides additional rigidity, and the all-steel construction is robust and durable for a long working life. High quality components increase machine reliability, and upsized kingpins minimize the risk of damage on-site. A fixed upper control box reduces the risk of theft or damage, and includes an integrated power outlet for hand tools. Saloon-door style entry gates are fitted as standard for easy access into the platform, even when carrying tools.

Telescopic roll-out deck extensions maximize the working area, and twin side doors provide easy ‘inside-out’ access to key components, even when space is limited. Snorkel’s smooth, proportional operating system gives you precise control where you need it most - and deep cycle batteries ensure your Snorkel electric scissor lift keeps working as long as you do.

  S3215E S3219E S3220E S3226E S4726E S4732E
Max. working weight 6.6m 7.79m 8.1m 9.9m 9.9kg 11.8m
Platform capacity (SWL) 272kg 250kg 408kg 250kg 454kg 318kg
Stowed height 1.91m 2.0m 2.11m 2.3m 2.3m 2.39m
Overall length 1.78m 1.78m 2.3m 2.3m 2.3m 2.3m
Overall width 0.81m 0.81m 0.81m 0.81m 1.19m 1.19m
Weight 1238kg 1611kg 2041kg 2045kg 1993kg 2630kg