Articulating Boom Lifts

This fast and powerful 4WD rough terrain lift is a leader in its class, delivering a working height of up to 16.3m and outreach of 7.35m. Designed for manoeuvrability in tight spaces, the A46JRT has an inside turning radius of just 780mm - and the boom operates with zero tail swing. The spacious 1.83m x 1m platform can lift two people with tools and the 1.5m jib offers additional flexibility.

The Snorkel A62JRT offers a tight inside turning radius, thanks to its optimized two-wheel steering and zero tail swing. Areas where this lift excels include a maximum platform height of 18.8m and “up and over” clearance at 9.0m. It also has the largest platform in its class and a very compact length when stowed for transport, at 8.5m. The oscillating front axle keeps all four tyres in contact with the ground, whether the boom is stowed or elevated.

The AB85J is the largest model in Snorkel’s articulated boom range, with a working height of 27.7m and outreach of up to 18.8m. The superb “up and over” reach combined with a rotating jib, provide excellent aerial manoeuvrability while 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steer make it a great performer on any job site. The AB80J provides a working height of 26.4m and shares all the features of the AB85J, minus the rotating jib.

Designed for tough job sites, Snorkel’s family of articulating boom lifts combine superb manoeuvrability with power and precision. With many class-leading features, these lifts deliver working heights of up to 27.7m and lift capacity for two people plus tools.

Snorkel’s articulated boom lifts provide the ultimate working envelope, including superb “up and over” capabilities – and articulated jibs come as standard. A smooth, proportional operating system gives you precise control where you need it most. Designed for a long and productive working life, all Snorkel articulated booms utilize hydraulics and relay controls, making them incredibly easy and low-cost to service and repair.

All Snorkel boom lifts with working heights above 14.1m are equipped as standard with Snorkel Guard™ secondary guarding system.

Max. working weight 16.3m 20.8m 26.4m 27.7m
Platform capacity (SWL) 227kg 227kg 227kg 227kg
Stowed height 2.16m 2.6m 2.9m 2.9m
Stowed length 5.6m 8.6m 12.5m 12.5m
Width 2.1m 2.4m 2.6m 2.6m
Weight  7616kg 10659kg 16730kg 17500kg