Telescopic Boom Lifts

The Snorkel 400S telescopic boom lift delivers a working height of up to 14.2m and outreach of 10.1m. For additional flexibility, we offer the 460SJ, the same machine with an added 2m jib boom. The 460SJ delivers a working height of up to 16m and outreach of 12.2m. Designed for construction sites, the 400S and 460SJ deliver up to 50% gradeability and constant four wheel drive from the standard fixed axles. An optional oscillating axle is available.

The Snorkel 600S telescopic boom provides a maximum working height of 20.4m, and is also available as the 660SJ with a 2m jib boom for additional flexibility. The 600S and 660SJ feature Snorkel’s innovative 2.44m x 0.91m tri-entry platform, and all proportional boom functions, including jib and platform rotate. The 660SJ can be stowed to just 8.5m length for transport.

The Snorkel TB80 delivers a working height of 26.4m and outreach of 21.4m. Engineered for construction sites, four wheel drive comes as standard. For additional flexibility, we offer the TB86J, the same machine with a 2m jib, providing a working height of 28m and outreach of 23.4m.

Snorkel’s telescopic boom lifts are designed for tough job sites and are built to last. Powerful diesel engines, superb ground clearance and high torque drive motors combine to deliver excellent rough terrain performance. We engineer simplicity, delivering robust aerial lifts that are easy to operate and easy to service or repair, utilizing hydraulics and relay controls.

The new Snorkel 400S, 460SJ, 600S and 660SJ models are designed with a common chassis helping to improve service engineer expertise and minimizing spare parts inventory. All Snorkel boom lifts with working heights above 14.1m are equipped as standard with Snorkel GuardTM secondary guarding system.

  400S 460SJ 600S 660SJ TB80 TB86J TB120 TB126J
Max. working weight 14.2m 16.0m 20.4m 22.3m 26.4m 28.2m 38.6m 40.4m
Platform capacity (SWL) 272kg 272kg 272kg 272kg 227kg 227kg 227kg 272kg
Stowed height 2.38m 2.38m 2.5m 2.5m 2.9m 2.9m 3.0m 3.2m
Stowed length 7.57m 8.6m 9.2m 10.5m 11.8m 12.9m 12.9m 13.6m
Width 2.38m 2.38m 2.38m 2.38m 2.6m 2.6m 2.6m 2.6m
Weight  6599kg 7955kg 10659kg 12375kg 16556kg 17236kg 17917kg 19119kg