Spandeck System




For specialist access solutions and aluminium walkways look no further than the Instant UpRight Spandeck.

Instant Spandeck is a lightweight aluminium premier walkway, decking, bridging and staging system in one versatile unit. Spanning from 1m up to 9m, it provides a safe work platform between our Aluminium Towers. In its simplest form, Instant Spandeck is a bridge between 2 Towers and can be used separately as a bespoke access walkway. It has integral double sided hooks and features integrated toeboards, with a unique reversible design allowing it to be used individually as a catwalk or side by side.

This Modular Walkway System provides a simple, cost – effective and safe solution to high-level access requirements. Installation is quick and simple. Spandeck Aluminium Walkways are designed specifically to give you higher performance than traditional site- fabricated products.